Dhaka / Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (DAC)

Dhaka, Bangladesh (BD)

FAA CodePhone
Longitude90.397783Time ZoneAsia/Dhaka (GMT +6:00)
Runway 110500 ft
Dhaka International Airport
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Dhaka International Airport

0.52 miles away from airport

Dhaka International Airport
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Dhaka International Airport

0.52 miles away from airport

Dhaka - Radisson
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Dhaka - Radisson

2.02 miles away from airport

Dhaka - Radisson
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Dhaka - Radisson

2.02 miles away from airport

Dhaka - Banani
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Dhaka - Banani

3.57 miles away from airport

Dhaka - Banani
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Dhaka - Banani

3.57 miles away from airport

Dhaka (hazrat Shahjalal Intl.) Airport (dac)

Flights from Dhaka / Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport to

Dhaka / Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Destinations List

This list shows the 33 locations you can fly from Dhaka / Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport airport

Destination IATA Airlines Flying Route
London HeathrowLHRBiman Bangladesh Airlines
Leonardo Da Vinci (Fiumicino) InternationalFCOBiman Bangladesh Airlines
Atatürk InternationalISTTurkish Airlines
King Fahd InternationalDMMBiman Bangladesh Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines
King Abdulaziz InternationalJEDUnited Airways, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines
King Khaled InternationalRUHSaudi Arabian Airlines
Kuwait InternationalKWIBiman Bangladesh Airlines, Kuwait Airways
Abu Dhabi InternationalAUHEtihad Airways
Dubai InternationalDXBUnited Airways, Emirates, Fly Dubai
Sharjah InternationalSHJAir Arabia
Muscat InternationalMCTUnited Airways, Biman Bangladesh Airlines
Jinnah InternationalKHIPakistan International Airlines
Doha InternationalDOHBiman Bangladesh Airlines, Qatar Airways
Chhatrapati Shivaji InternationalBOMJet Airways
Bandaranaike International ColomboCMBL, SriLankan Airlines
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose InternationalCCUUnited Airways, Jet Airways, Air India Limited, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Rainbow Air Polynesia
BarisalBZLUnited Airways
Shah Amanat InternationalCGPUnited Airways, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Rainbow Air Polynesia, Viking Hellas
JessoreJSRUnited Airways, Rainbow Air Polynesia, Viking Hellas
SaidpurSPDUnited Airways
Osmany InternationalZYLUnited Airways, Rainbow Air Polynesia, Viking Hellas
Hong Kong International Kai TakHKGBiman Bangladesh Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Dragonair
Indira Gandhi InternationalDELJet Airways, Air India Limited, Biman Bangladesh Airlines
Tribhuvan InternationalKTMUnited Airways, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Dragonair
Chennai InternationalMAAMaldivian
ParoPBHDruk Air
SuvarnabhumiBKKUnited Airways, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Druk Air, Bangkok Airways, Rainbow Air Polynesia, Thai Airways International
Yangon InternationalRGNBiman Bangladesh Airlines
Kuala Lumpur InternationalKULUnited Airways, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air, Rainbow Air Polynesia
Singapore Changi InternationalSINBiman Bangladesh Airlines, Rainbow Air Polynesia, Singapore Airlines, Tiger Airways
Guangzhou Baiyun InternationalCANChina Southern Airlines
Kunming Wujiaba InternationalKMGChina Eastern Airlines
Cox's BazarCXBUnited Airways, Rainbow Air Polynesia, Viking Hellas

Dhaka / Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Destinations Map

Dhaka / Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Reviews (15)

Average User Rating

Nazrul Hannan, November 9, 2014 at 7:02 pm

Each time I use this airport I am more disappointed. On my last trip I had a female search officer prior to boarding trying to defraud me of my remaining 800 taka. She failed but I was disgusted by her shameless behaviour.

Bappe Saha, October 5, 2014 at 5:54 am

Overall, Dhaka Airport still ranks as one of the worst anywhere in the world. It is extremely dirty, bathroom facilities are disgusting, staff are rude and do not have discipline.

Chris Witty, April 11, 2014 at 5:24 pm

Dirty and smelly – with staff whose attitude is as bad as the toilets – no good at all in my opinion. Being rushed into this country is a disadvantage. The less time spent here the better!

Dhaka Airport

Asgar Huda, January 31, 2013 at 12:41 pm

Not a state of art airport, just like a domestic one you can image. Shabby, dirty toilets, unhelpful attitude of the immigration officer. I found the immigration police more helpful. Traveling thru it for a long time but didn’t see a lot progress which happened for neighbouring countries. Not the worse like Nepal but also not a moderate one as well. If the old staff could be changed then there is chance to upgrade the quality of service. Hoping the authority will understand it. For foreigners my suggestions will be use a known guide to travel any places in Dhaka. Communicate with our Hotel. I would prefer Westing, Radisson, Pan Pacific, Ruposhi Bangla or Platinum Suites, Lakeshore, Serina. There are hundreds of low cost hotels, which won’t be wise to stay unless you have a bunch of known people. The country is losing its charm due to density. Visit the places before it becomes ragged.

Shahjalal Immigration Is One Of The Best!

Reza Rahman, October 19, 2012 at 2:10 pm

I have had the opportunity to visit more than 28 countries in the world. I think, the standard of immigration police in Bangladesh is better than other entities operating in the airport. They are using modern technology. They are professional and helpful. About one finger issue; I have seen the same in many other bigger airports as well. There are two reasons for that: you will find one hand is occupied to hold passenger’s passport; two, most of the items are drop-down type; hence, the difference between 1 and 10 fingers does not really matter. Did you notice the timing? It’s, in average, 2-3 minutes in ‘Departure counter’ and 1 minute in ‘Arrival Counter’ for Bangladeshis.

I've Seen Worse

Dewan S. Rahman, August 25, 2012 at 8:26 pm

Immigration officers are awfully slow and don’t quite care how long you have to wait. Families with children, elderly and handicapped get no special treatment. Those who complain about the dirty toilets, let me share a little secret. If you are departing, you can sneak into one of the "cleaner" toilets upstairs reserved for special program members. Be discreet, and nobody asks any question. It is not the best airport in the world, nor is the worst because I’ve seen worse. It is true that the airport is in a better shape now than it used to be couple of years ago. It is a total chaos outside the airport, which is, off-course, a completely different story.

Dhaka Airport

John Phillips, March 11, 2012 at 8:20 am

Shabby, run down; domestic area full of mosquitoes; international has smelly and dirty toilets. Beware when landing of long immigration queues; officials wander up and down looking for bribes to expedite your exit. If staying at hotel do not use local taxi from airport; you will be scammed; use a hotel car.

Dhaka International

M Harmon, January 3, 2012 at 6:34 pm

A delight for sadomasochists. Not quite the worst in the world, though. Many Immigration officers treat you with huge contempt. Most are simply carrying out a function without any interest, but there are those who seek only to make life difficult, with a sneer. Object, and be threatened with incarceration. Beware the airport officials attempting to extort money! The facilities are improving, but not nearly fast enough. Outside, there is a waiting area for those desperate for work, where the privileged arrive in relative style, while guards in military uniform are waiting eagerly to administer a beating to the underprivileged. In about 100 years, they’ll be ready to join the 20th century.


Shafkat Karim, January 18, 2011 at 11:00 am

The most beautiful airport that I have ever seen.

Zia International Airport

Jahangir Alam, October 15, 2010 at 5:02 am

Coming back to Immigration officials, one passenger comment’s "The immigration officials are slow and cumbersome; they needs basic training in keyboarding and data entry…they all use one finger for type." This problem can be solved: 1. Replace the current officers with young officers, who know computer typing with at least 30 wpm and have MS office knowledge. 2. Schedule mandatory computer training for Immigration and Custom officers. 3. Recruit some lady officers to give live in these areas.


M. Tawsif Salam, December 18, 2009 at 1:40 pm

Compared to what it has been few years ago, ZIA is now at a good shape and appears to be under good maintenance. An army of more efficient airport staffs can make it a real world-class airport.

Zia International

Sabir Mridha, April 25, 2009 at 10:21 am

This is an International Airport, it has developed in recent times (spacious car-parking was built. However there are many improvement areas yet to be addressed:- 1. There is no flight display board outside in the public waiting area. 2. People would often disturb foreigners by asking for tips, the police are not at all active in preventing that. 3. Taxis operating within the airport are often accused of ripping off passengers in the middle of the road.

Zia International In Dhaka

Martin Aaron, September 9, 2007 at 4:52 am

The airport has expanded considerably, and once inside, it’s, well… big. However, lighting is drab, the trip down to immigration from the apron is totally uneventful, and if your are elderly or handicapped, it is not the most user friendly airport to maneuver in. The airline gates are aligned in one long bridge which desperately needs a mechanical walkway. The immigration officials are slow and cumbersome; they need basic training in keyboard data entry…they all use one finger to type. The baggage area is antiquated and also needs more lighting. However, the most horrendous part is when you exit. Throngs of people are kept at bay by iron fences, but it also makes passenger pick-ups a harrowing experience.

Zia International

Md Omar Faruk, July 27, 2007 at 12:57 pm

This is the first international airport in Bangladesh. It is located in Nikunja in Dhaka. This airport maintains the international quality and follows the IATA rules. There are some restaurants and tool free shopping available in the airport area.

ZIA Int'l Airport

Shankha Dey, May 14, 2007 at 8:03 am

In Bangladesh the first airport was at Tejgaon, Dhaka and then the international flights which connect the world with Bangladesh is mainly operated through ZIA International Airport Dhaka.

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