Six aviation websites you should know – Part I

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Whether you work in aviation or are a keen reader of anything related to airports, this blog post is for you. From avid photographers to private pilots that started in aviation even before they went to school, the websites listed below won’t leave you indifferent. Read, enjoy, and if you like it… spread the word!

1. Airline Reporter

Made by aviation geeks for aviation geeks, the Airline Reporter is a referent for those who work and or have interest in the aviation business, paying special attention to the airline industry, and reporting news in a simple and different way.

2. The House of Rapp

Ron Rapp started in aviation at the age of 6 years old!

The House of Rapp first went live in 1995, and it’s managed by its creator, Ron Rapp, an ATP-rated pilot who has logged over 7,000 hours over the past fifteen years, whose start in aviation came at the early age of… 6 years old!

3. Airplane Guy

Started after Oshkosh 2010 and formerly known as, the Airplane Guy aims to become a place to visit for those seeking aviation entertainment, awesome pictures, videos, podcasts, apps and any sort of thing related to aviation.

4. Stuck at the Airport

Stuck at the Airport - A travel Blog by Harriet Baskas

Harriet Baskas is a writer and an award-winning radio producer, who after spending eight hours waiting for a flight home to Seattle decided she needed to become an airport’s guide. In her blog Stuck at the Airport, Harriett not only speaks about airports, but about fun facts, amenities and airport related things that are a bit out of the ordinary.

5. Airport Spotting

Written by private pilot Matt Falcus, the Airport Spotting Blog started in 2006 as an airport related news website, and has nowadays become a reference for both aviation enthusiasts and professionals.

6. Sleeping in Airports

Sleeping in Airports

Sometimes flying can be boring, especially when you have to queue for hours before boarding, or need to wait for your luggage once you arrive at your destination. If you have a look at Sleeping in Airports you will see airports have a funny and sometimes “wild” touch too. Visit Sleeping in Airports and discover… the other side of the story!

And this is it. Not had enough? No worries, this is just the beginning! For more interesting aviation websites, keep an eye on our Blog, Part II is almost there :)

Harriet Baskas, February 13, 2014 at 1:30 pm

Thanks so much for including me on this most intriguing list. Honored!

Sara, February 18, 2014 at 11:21 am

You are more than welcome Harriet :)

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