Know your airports: Airlines, which one is best?

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Here at our offices of World Airport Codes, we are frequent flyers. And every time we take a flight, whether it’s for work, leisure or paying a visit to the family, the same question pops up into our heads: ‘Which airline should I choose?’

There’s no easy anwser to this question, but we will try to give you three important key factors to keep in mind for the next time you have to choose one.

Of course, the first thing we all look for is the price. Booking in advance or online are some of the best known tips for saving that bit of money when we fly, also choosing a less well known lowcost airline over an international more expensive brand is usually our choice. This can be a disadvantage to us, since the trend shows that when making a booking, we tend to always look at the same type of airlines, forgetting completely about the other ones, and sometimes lowcost can get as expensive as a normal one.

Captura de pantalla de 2014-01-31 15:16:34That’s why unlike any other guides out there, we strongly recommend that you look at any possible airline that flies to your destination. ‘And how do I know which airlines fly to my destination?’ It’s easy, let’s say you want to fly from Malaga (AGP) to Paris (CDG), all you have to do is go to our detailed airport page and click on ‘Destinations’ in the left menu and search for your destination airport, as simple as that! And now that you’re aware of which airlines fly from your outbound airport, you can check the websites of the airlines, or check them through our own airport pages on the ‘Services’ section, under the tab ‘Flights’.

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For many people (especially lovers of flying) another important factor is the aircraft. It’s true that when taking a long-haul flight, the difference between one plane or another can be massive, but then again, most of us aren’t airplane geeks so for our second factor, we should look for a good in-flight service. Of course, this is a tough one to value, I’m sure that many of you have flown with the same company more than once and each time received a different service (if not, either you’re very lucky or you didn’t fly enough), and that’s not the only factor. We’re all different and we crave for different needs, but even if you rarely use the in-flight services, you should take them into consideration, you should always keep in mind that the crew is there to help you!

So, how do you easily identify an airline with a good service? I’m sure you already know how to… you can ask people that have already flown with that precise airline, you can check forums or reviews on the internet… and you can also check if that airline has been awarded for their excellent staff! For example Skytrax gives one of the most renowned awards in the industry, so don’t push things and pay a visit to their website or search for other awards or reviews and make sure they’re the latest ones, a review from 2008 won’t help you much!

Our last ingredient is a bit of special, and it is you. It’s entirely up to you to set up this last advice, for two main reasons we’ve been pointing out along this guide: not everyone has the same needs and flying can sometimes be a bit of a gamble. So it’s your turn to decide what you will value most when flying, maybe it’s having enough legroom, the schedule of the airline, seat positioning, time performance and reliability… it’s entirely up to you. Just remember, don’t rush it, just because you book 20 minutes later, it doesn’t mean the price is going to increase so get comfortable on your seat, stretch your legs and enjoy your hunting for the perfect booking.

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