Chicago O’Hare International Parking

As one of the busiest airports in North America, Chicago O’Hare airport sees over 66 million passengers pass through its terminal doors each year. As a result, plenty of airport car parks have opened at the airport, providing you with a choice of competitively priced parking to suit your need and budget.

Please, find below some of the nearest parking lots to Chicago O’Hare International Airport:

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O'Hare Blue Sky Parking

Distance from ORD airport is 1.94 miles | Starting from $6.75

O'Hare Blue Sky Parking, 10415 United Parkway, Schiller Park, Illinois, 60176

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Easy Airport Parking O'Hare Airport

Distance from ORD airport is 2.10 miles | Daily rates from $10.99

Easy Airport Parking, 4000 N. Mannheim Rd., Franklin Park, Illinois, 60131

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Pride Airport Parking O'Hare Airport

Distance from ORD airport is 2.17 miles | Daily rates from $6.50

Pride Airport Parking, 3950 N. Mannheim Rd., Franklin Park, Illinois, 60131

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Thrifty Airport Parking

Distance from ORD airport is 2.32 miles | From $10.50

Thrifty Airport Parking, 3901 N. Mannheim Road, Schiller Park, Illinois, 60176

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AviStar - Chicago O'Hare Airport

Distance from ORD airport is 2.56 miles | Park from $7.70

AviStar - Chicago, 3700 North Mannheim Road, Franklin Park, Illinois, 60131

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O'Hare Airport Main Garage Chicago

Distance from ORD airport is 0.08 miles

ORD Parking Lot A Chicago O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois

This is an on-site parking facility that is currently not accepting reservations through our website. Prices vary depending on time and area, ranging from valet service, hourly, or daily parking (located near to the domestic terminals, Lots A, B and C) to long-term/economy parking (Lots E and F).

Parking at Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Parking at the airport is convenient as it means you do not have to haul your luggage and family around public transport. However, booking it is not straightforward as the location of the car park will impact the price.

Generally speaking, parking on site at Chicago airport is more expensive than parking a lot further away but using these cheaper car parks may mean that you need to use a shuttle to get to the airport. The most convenient type of parking is valet parking as you can drop your keys with a parking representative outside the terminal doors and your car is then waiting for you at the airport on your return. The drawback of this type of parking is that sometimes the car park is actually quite a way from the airport so they may use your fuel driving there.

This guide will help you understand the different parking options on offer and recommend providers so you know who to trust and how to book.

On site

On site car parks are literally located on airport land and cater for long stay parking and drop-offs:

Short term – Paid by the hour and suitable for dropping off and picking up passengers. At Chicago airport short term parking is located in the main parking lot opposite Domestic Terminals. You cannot park here for more than 24 hours; if you do, you may receive a high fine.

Long term parking – This parking is suitable for travellers looking for parking for the whole of their trip and is cheaper than short term parking. The economy lots are for internal US flights (lots E and F) and travellers on international flights will need to park in lot D.

Off site

Parking away from the airport is considered “off site” parking and is often cheaper than on site parking. However, you will need to use a shuttle (usually provided by the airport lot) to get to the airport unless you opt for valet parking:

Long term parking – Off site car parks are often a bit cheaper and provide frequent shuttles to take you directly from the parking lot to the terminal door.

Valet parking – Valet parking allows you to park as close as permitted to the airport where you will meet your airport parking representative who will take your keys and take your car to the off site parking location.

Hotel parking – Some hotels offer airport parking along with your stay with a free shuttle to the airport if they are located nearby. Check our Chicago hotel page to find out which hotels offer airport parking.


Short term parking is charged per hour and is usually more expensive than long term parking which is charged per day.

If you are dropping someone off at the airport you may have to pay a toll for entering airport grounds, this is usually a very minimal fee but you should be aware you may need to have some change with you.

At the long term parking lots you can often pay an additional charge to have your car cleaned.

Where is the parking located?

Domestic terminals
Lots A, B and C – Short term, parking garage and two outdoor lots
Lot A – Valet parking, located in parking garage
Lots E and F – Economy, long stay lots with free shuttle to the airport
Lot D – Long term, international flights parking lot

What are the Airport and City laws for airport parking?

In Chicago, the law states that your car can can be immediately towed to a city pound if it has been parked without authorisation for more than 30 days.

You will also be fined if you park in restricted parking areas, anywhere that blocks traffic or anywhere that would cause danger. For a full list of parking restrictions visit Many parking locations in the city of Chicago have parking meters so you can pay for a set amount of time to park.

Along with parking restrictions, Chicago also has strict laws regarding the state of your vehicle and even in private airport car parks you may risk fines if your vehicle breaks any of these guidelines.

At the airport, the city laws still apply and passengers must pay for their parking to avoid a fine. You must not park in the short term lots for more than 24 hours.

Fines are the responsibility of the vehicle’s registered owner and not that of the driver. If you receive a fine, then you can contest it; for more information call the Chicago parking helpline on 312.744.7275.

Tips for parking at Chicago airport

When you park at Chicago airport there are a few things you should think about to ensure you are getting a good service and to avoid additional charges.

Booking your airport parking

Booking in advance will save you money on your parking charges.
If you own a large vehicle such as a van or motorhome, make sure the car park does not have height restrictions which would limit your access to the car park.
Many car parking facilities will ask for your flight details so that they can monitor your trip and be aware of any delays.
Check with the company their policy on coverage for damage. Some valet parking locations will not cover any damage to your vehicle while you are away so read the small print.
Make sure you know what terminal your flight is from when you book your airport parking and that your parking lot caters for that terminal.
Check your flight time and make sure the parking lot is open for your drop off and arrival times. Most car parks are open 24 hours but require you inform them of your arrival time so they can ensure someone is available to serve you.

Getting to your airport parking lot

When you pre book airport parking you should receive instructions on how to get to the parking facility as well as contact details.
Save their phone number in your mobile so you can ring them in the event you are delayed or lost.
Leave plenty of time to get to the airport and sort your parking. If you are parking off site, then you will need to make sure you consider the frequency of shuttles and how long they take to get to the airport and plan this time into your journey.
If you are caught in traffic on the way to the airport, call the parking lot to let them know, especially if you have booked valet parking.

Dropping off your vehicle

Some of the long term lots are huge and so you must write down your space number before leaving your car so you are not searching for your vehicle on return.
Take a photo of your mileage before handing over your keys. When you return from your trip and collect your car, you can check the mileage again to see if the parking facility has been using your vehicle for long journeys. If you have opted for valet or meet and greet parking, then they will probably park your vehicle away from the airport, so some level of mileage should be expected.
Along with your mileage you should also take photos of your vehicle before handing over your keys so if the parking facility damages your vehicle in any way, you can have some evidence it was not caused by yourself.

Collecting your vehicle

If your return flight is cancelled which results in an additional night for your vehicle at the parking facility, then you will need to inform the parking company. If this happens, you can usually claim back the expense on your travel insurance, as long as parking is covered.
Check your vehicle for any damage before accepting the keys.