Car Hire at Malaga Airport

There are 9 car hire companies at Malaga Airport, and their offices are located at the ground floor in T3, and at floor -1 at T2. All these companies have a range of car hire contracts and vehicles that will allow you to choose the one that best fits your needs. If you are picking up the vehicle at the airport, you should go to parking P2 of Malaga Airport where these companies have their vehicles parked. If you however wish to return the vehicle, you should go to floors -1 and -2 at Parking P1 of Malaga Airport.

Holiday Autos
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Holiday Autos

Distance from AGP airport is 0.94 miles | Car Hire Broker

Malaga Airport, Avenida Comandante García Morato, Nº 14-18, Malaga, 29004

After 25 years comparing the best prices from the best brands, Holiday Autos has become a recognized broker in the car hire for leisure sector.

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Distance from AGP airport is 0.94 miles | Car Hire Broker

Malaga Airport, Avenida Comandante García Morato, Nº 14-18, Malaga, 29004

CarTrawler powers car rental partnerships worldwide, always trying to make sure customers get the best selection of cars and prices.

Auto Europe
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Auto Europe

Distance from AGP airport is 0.94 miles | Car Hire Broker

Malaga Airport, Avenida Comandante García Morato, s/n, Malaga, 29004

With more than 50 years of experience in the market, Auto Europe allows its customers to choose the vehicle that best fits their needs and budget from their extensive fleet.

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Distance from AGP airport is 0.57 miles | On-Site Direct Provider

Terminal 2 & 3 Arrival Hall, Malaga Airport, Malaga, 29004

Located at T2 and T3 at Malaga Airport, Sixt offers luxury and economy cars. Prices starting from £16 on weekdays.

Hertz at Malaga Airport
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Hertz at Malaga Airport

Distance from AGP airport is 0.51 miles | On-Site Direct Provider

Malaga Airport, Avenida Comandante García Morato, Malaga, 29004

With two pick-up locations, one at Malaga airport and another at the Railway Station, Hertz provides both tourists and business travellers with a wide range of great deals for car hire at Malaga.

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Distance from AGP airport is 0.37 miles | On-Site Direct Provider

Terminal 2 & 3, Malaga Airport, Malaga, 29004

Avis has two desks at Malaga Airport: one at the Arrivals Hall, which opens from 7am to 12pm, and another one at the airport's parking which is opened from 7am to 22:45pm. Prices starting from £30 on weekdays.

Top Tips for Car Hire at Malaga Airport

1. Car hire vs. Public Transport

Although the truth is that hiring a car is not the cheapest way to travel in Spain – you won’t be paying only the rental in itself but petrol, parking and road tolls, since these are not free in Spain, – it is definitely the most convenient when it comes to moving quickly or exploring areas that are a bit far away from the main cities.

However if your plan is staying for a few days in a big city, other travelling options such as taxi or public transport are definitely a better idea.

2. The “right” side of the road

If you are from the UK or any other left-hand driving countries, you should be aware that in Spain vehicles drive on the right hand side of the road. When renting a car, it is always recommended to familiarise with controls and get used to them, especially considering they are on the opposite side of what drivers may be used to.

3. Have you got any car insurance?

There are several sites like the Car Hire Centre that will allow you to get used to the most common terms used in the car hire insurance sector, as well as any other sort of travel insurance info resources such as the

4. Driving on Spanish Roads

There are several types of roads in Spain, but you will be mainly driving on “Nacionales” and “Autovias”, which are for free, and “Autopistas”, where you will find road tolls and will have to pay a fee every time you drive a certain distance.

The speed limits are usually 90 km per hour in Nacionales (approx 55 mph), and 120km/h (75mph) in Autovias and Autopistas. However these limits change often, so it is highly recommended to pay close attention to the road signs.

5. What is the average price of fuel in Spain?

In 2013, the average price for fuel in Spain was as follows:

  • Super 95 – €1.39 per litre (£1.16/$1.87 per litre approx) – Equivalent to Unleaded
  • Super 98 – €1.50 per litre (£1.26/$2.04 per litre approx) – Equivalent to Super Unleaded
  • Diesel Normal – €1.33 per litre (£1.11//$1.80 per litre approx)
  • Diesel Plus – €1.40 per litre (£1.17/$1.89 per litre approx)
  • Biodiesel – €1.33 per litre (£1.11//$1.80 per litre approx)

6. Will foreign SatNav / GPS equipment work on Spanish Roads?

SatNav can be hired from any of the rental partners listed above. Alternatively, if you have a Sat Nav, you could download Spanish maps and carry it with you or use an app if your phone has GPS.

7. Child Car Seats when hiring a car in Spain

Child Seats are compulsory in Europe for under-3s. You can hire a child seat at the car hire company for as little as 2€ (£1.67/$2.71) per day or rent them from the shops at the airport.

8. Emergency services in Spain

If you happen to have a road incident on Spanish roads, you will have to phone 112.

9. Documents required to hire a car in Spain

If you are hiring a car in Spain, you will be asked to bring the following documents:

  • e-mail confirmation (rental voucher)
  • original driving licence
  • original passport or ID card
  • your credit card

Any driver holding a driving license provided in a country that belongs to the European Union is allowed to drive for a period of six months. After that, the driver will be required to get a Spanish driving license, and this applies as well to non European citizens.

10. Habla Español?

A short list of phrases (and how to pronounce them) you may find useful when driving in Spain, for example:

Car hire – Alquiler de coches

Pronunciation: Al-key-er de cotch-ez

I would like to hire a car – Me gustaría alquilar un coche

Pronunciation: Me gust-area al-key-er un cotch-eh

Car seat – Asiento, Silla

Pronunciation: Ass-e-ento, See-ya

Child’s car seat – Asiento para bebe, silla para bebe

Pronunciation: Ass-e-ento para bay-bay, see-ya para bay-bay

Car return – Devolver el coche

Pronunciation: Devolver el cochay

Car collection – Recoger el coche

Pronunciation: Recoger el cochay

Where is the closest petrol station please? – ¿Dónde está la gasolinera más cercana, por favor?

Pronunciation: Donday Esta la gas-o-lin-era mas ser-cana por favor?

My tyre is flat – La rueda está desinflada

Pronunciation: La roo-eda esta des-in-fla-da

Can I extend the return date for my hire car please? – ¿Puedo cambiar la fecha de devolución del coche, por favor?

Pronunciation: Pwedo cam-bee-ar la fetch-a de de-vo-lu-see-on del cochay por favor?

Where is the closest car park please? – ¿Dónde está el parking más cercano, por favor?

Pronunciation: Donda esta el parking mas ser-cano por fav-or?