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In the words of Bob Dylan – “the times they are a changin’…”

In the words of Bob Dylan – “the times they are a changin’…”

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Just a few years ago, you would find that the most high-tech piece of equipment at an airport for travellers would be pay phones or fax machines filling terminal walls with ugly plastic boxes.  However, times have changed with the technical age and now airports are entering the 21st century with some of the most innovative technologies in the world.  We take a look at how technology has improved the world of travel in these changing times.

10 years ago, to check into your journey you would have to arrive hours before your flight and join an endless queue of equally bored individuals and families (and you would not have had a mobile phone to entertain you and your group). However, incessant queuing is no more as check-in can now be done online, meaning you can print off your boarding pass and select your seat from the comfort of your own home. If you have hand luggage only, you can even walk straight through to security, into the terminal and onto the plane – cutting down the amount of time you need to spend at the airport or increasing the amount of time you can spend in duty-free if you prefer!  Kiosk check-in’s are also available at most airports now so you do not even need to speak to airport staff if you have not checked in beforehand.


Where is Malaysia Airlines’ missing Boeing 777?

Where is Malaysia Airlines’ missing Boeing 777?

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With all the new technology making our world a smaller place it is truly difficult to understand how a Boeing 777 carrying 239 people can totally disappear.  However that is what has happened in the year 2014.

On Saturday it will be 2 weeks since the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing and there is still no evidence to suggest where one earth it could be, which is deeply upsetting for the families and friends of those who boarded that flight.

The internet has run wild with theories and speculation but the truth is there is still much doubt over what is going on and what could have possibly happened.   Here is what we do know:


Know your airports: Airlines, which one is best?

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Here at our offices of World Airport Codes, we are frequent flyers. And every time we take a flight, whether it’s for work, leisure or paying a visit to the family, the same question pops up into our heads: ‘Which airline should I choose?’

There’s no easy anwser to this question, but we will try to give you three important key factors to keep in mind for the next time you have to choose one.

Of course, the first thing we all look for is the price. Booking in advance or online are some of the best known tips for saving that bit of money when we fly, also choosing a less well known lowcost airline over an international more expensive brand is usually our choice. This can be a disadvantage to us, since the trend shows that when making a booking, we tend to always look at the same type of airlines, forgetting completely about the other ones, and sometimes lowcost can get as expensive as a normal one.

Captura de pantalla de 2014-01-31 15:16:34That’s why unlike any other guides out there, we strongly recommend that you look at any possible airline that flies to your destination. ‘And how do I know which airlines fly to my destination?’ It’s easy, let’s say you want to fly from Malaga (AGP) to Paris (CDG), all you have to do is go to our detailed airport page and click on ‘Destinations’ in the left menu and search for your destination airport, as simple as that! And now that you’re aware of which airlines fly from your outbound airport, you can check the websites of the airlines, or check them through our own airport pages on the ‘Services’ section, under the tab ‘Flights’.


Finding Your Way Around Airports with Google

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You can now visit some of the world’s biggest airports without stepping out of your house, and know exactly where the currency exchange point or a cling film luggage wrapping kiosk is situated, and where the shuttle bus would drop you off should you decide to fly from that airport.

As of November 2013 Google maps offer virtual walks past the shops, check-in counters and meeting points at 16 airports worldwide, such as Madrid’s Barajas, London Gatwick and Tokyo International Airport. You can even explore the inside of an Emirates Airbus A380 at Dubai Airport.

This interactive map shows all the new Street View transit locations worldwide, that are not limited to just airports; the tool will let you virtually explore over 50 train and subway stations, as well as a cable car station in Hong Kong.

So if you would like to know how far you’d need to walk from the main entrance to the escalators, or from the lifts to the nearest WC, you can have a quick look around the airport buildings, find where to drop off your oversized luggage, explore the architecture, look at what the locals are wearing or see the range of cafes, restaurants and shops if you still have to grab that last box of chocolates or a souvenir fridge magnet for someone special.

Airports across Spain and Japan are the most featured on Street View. Here’s a few examples of what you can find.

[streetview width=”100%” height=”250px” lat=”51.160745″ lng=”-0.1770689999999604″ heading=”292.06451612903226″ pitch=”5.329070518200751e-15″ zoom=”1″][/streetview]

London Gatwick Airport, North Terminal, UK: Google Maps

[streetview width=”100%” height=”250px” lat=”19.435254″ lng=”-99.08320900000001″ heading=”208.16129032258073″ pitch=”7.693548387096772″ zoom=”1″][/streetview]

Mexico International Airport, Mexico: Google Maps (more…)