Six Aviation Websites you should know – Part II

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As promises are made not to be broken, we have been working hard to get you another list of amazing aviation websites you should be aware of. Have a seat, relax and… enjoy your flight!

Rand's last captain flight in October 2012. Delta Air Lines, Boeing 747-400, Nagoya to Detroit.

Rand’s last captain flight in October 2012. Delta Air Lines, Boeing 747-400, Nagoya to Detroit.

1. Rand Peck Aviation Photography

Not only flew during 38 years, but he also took pictures of all of it. After retiring in October 2012, Rand has been sharing his stories and knowledge, as well as his love for photography with all of us through the Internet. If you want to have a great time, don’t miss this site, it really is moving!

2. Plane Talking Live

This website is all about aviation, travelling and lifestyle news. If you are an avid traveller, you will find this site useful for info regarding airports and airlines: from and in-depth comparison of the business class cabin, seat and service information for every airline, to an aviation jobs listing, keep an eye on this site to stay up to date in the aviation sector.

3. Wings 900

Are you a fan of airplanes collecting and modeling? If your answer is yes, join this community where you will find a model database, gallery, reviews, classifieds, links and lots of people who share this amazing hobby. What are you waiting for?

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4. SkyVector

Created by a web developer that was learning how to fly back in 2005, SkyVector has become a reference for those looking for accurate aeronautical charts. Aviation Chart Data in this site is updated once a month from official Naco images.


His grandfather, both of his parents, his sister, his brother and even his brother in law have worked in aviation. After starting his own IT company, Rory decided aviation should play a role in his life too, and decided he should become a third generation pilot in his family. To fund his private pilot license, he started this website where you sponsor him. Have a look!

6. Airplane Geeks

The Airplane Geeks have been podcasting about aviation since 2008. Listen to their podcasts online or download them from their site, and don’t miss the latest in the airline industry, general aviation, and military aviation.

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