Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO)

Moscow, Russia (RU)

+7 (495) 232 65 65Visit official website

Phone+7 (495) 232 65 65Fax
Time ZoneEurope/Moscow (GMT +4:00)WAC770
Facebook(add)Runway 111647 ft
Runway 212139 ft
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0.7 miles away from airport

Park Inn by Radisson Sheremetyevo Airport Moscow
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Park Inn by Radisson Sheremetyevo Airport Moscow

0.8 miles away from airport

Moscow - Vinogradovo
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Moscow - Vinogradovo

5.9 miles away from airport

Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre Hotel
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Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre Hotel

14.31 miles away from airport

Radisson Blu Belorusskaya Hotel, Moscow
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Radisson Blu Belorusskaya Hotel, Moscow

14.59 miles away from airport

Moscow - Lesnaya
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Moscow - Lesnaya

14.99 miles away from airport

Moscow Sheremetyevo Ap
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Moscow Sheremetyevo Ap

0.01 miles away from airport

Moscow - Airport Sheremetyevo
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Moscow - Airport Sheremetyevo

0.46 miles away from airport

Moscow- Khimki District
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Moscow- Khimki District

6.09 miles away from airport

Khimki - Moscow Region
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Khimki - Moscow Region

6.24 miles away from airport

Moscow - Leningradskoe Sh
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Moscow - Leningradskoe Sh

7.75 miles away from airport

Moscow - North
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Moscow - North

7.77 miles away from airport

Moscow (sheremetyevo Intl. Airport) (svo)

Flights from Sheremetyevo International Airport to

Sheremetyevo International Airport Destinations List

This list shows the 136 locations you can fly from Sheremetyevo International Airport airport

Destination IATA Airlines Flying Route
TalagiARHAeroflot-Nord, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
MurmanskMMKAeroflot-Nord, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
SyktyvkarSCWAeroflot-Nord, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Charles de Gaulle InternationalCDGAir France, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Marseille ProvenceMRSAir France
Houari BoumedieneALGAir Algerie
Mohammed V InternationalCMNRoyal Air Maroc, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Helsinki VantaaHELFinnair, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Bologna / Borgo PanigaleBLQAlitalia, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Leonardo Da Vinci (Fiumicino) InternationalFCOAlitalia, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Malpensa InternationalMXPAlitalia, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Venezia / Tessera - Marco PoloVCEAlitalia, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Riga InternationalRIXAir Baltic, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Beijing Capital InternationalPEKAir China, Hainan Airlines, S7 Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
José Martí InternationalHAVCubana de Aviación, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Larnaca InternationalLCACyprus Airways, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Guangzhou Baiyun InternationalCANChina Southern Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Ürümqi Diwopu InternationalURCChina Southern Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Washington Dulles InternationalIADDelta Air Lines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
John F Kennedy InternationalJFKDelta Air Lines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Los Angeles InternationalLAXDelta Air Lines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
SofiaSOFBulgaria Air, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Kabul InternationalKBLAriana Afghan Airlines
BarnaulBAXRossiya-Russian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Düsseldorf InternationalDUSRossiya-Russian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
HamburgHAMRossiya-Russian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
IrkutskIKTRossiya-Russian Airlines, Orenburg Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
KemerovoKEJRossiya-Russian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
KhrabrovoKGDRossiya-Russian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Khabarovsk-NovyKHVRossiya-Russian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
YemelyanovoKJARossiya-Russian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
PulkovoLEDRossiya-Russian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
London HeathrowLHRRossiya-Russian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Munich-ReimMUCRossiya-Russian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Omsk CentralOMSRossiya-Russian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
YelizovoPKCRossiya-Russian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Berlin-Schönefeld InternationalSXFRossiya-Russian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Yuzhno-SakhalinskUUSRossiya-Russian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Vienna InternationalVIERossiya-Russian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Vladivostok InternationalVVORossiya-Russian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Imam Khomeini InternationalIKAIran Air, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Ljubljana Jože PučnikLJUAdria Airways, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Belgrade Nikola TeslaBEGJat Airways, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
AlmatyALAAir Astana
AtyrauGUWAir Astana
Astana InternationalTSEAir Astana
Incheon InternationalICNKorean Air, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Amsterdam SchipholAMSKLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Malta InternationalMLAAir Malta, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Dubai InternationalDXBKenya Airways, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Warsaw ChopinWAWLOT Polish Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Beirut Rafic Hariri InternationalBEYMiddle East Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Shanghai Pudong InternationalPVGChina Eastern Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Karlovy Vary InternationalKLVCzech Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Ruzyně InternationalPRGCzech Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Berlin-Tegel InternationalTXLMIAT Mongolian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Chinggis Khaan InternationalULNMIAT Mongolian Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
TallinnTLLEstonian Air, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Boryspil InternationalKBPUkraine International Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Henri Coandă InternationalOTPTarom, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Stockholm-ArlandaARNScandinavian Airlines System, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Copenhagen KastrupCPHScandinavian Airlines System, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Oslo GardermoenOSLScandinavian Airlines System, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
AnapaAAQAeroflot Russian Airlines
AbakanABAAeroflot Russian Airlines
Sochi InternationalAERAeroflot Russian Airlines
MálagaAGPAeroflot Russian Airlines, Air Europa
AstrakhanASFAeroflot Russian Airlines
Eleftherios Venizelos InternationalATHAeroflot Russian Airlines
Antalya InternationalAYTAeroflot Russian Airlines
Barcelona InternationalBCNAeroflot Russian Airlines, Air Europa
SuvarnabhumiBKKAeroflot Russian Airlines, Transaero Airlines
IgnatyevoBQSAeroflot Russian Airlines
BrusselsBRUAeroflot Russian Airlines
Budapest Listz Ferenc internationalBUDAeroflot Russian Airlines
Cairo InternationalCAIAeroflot Russian Airlines
Chelyabinsk BalandinoCEKAeroflot Russian Airlines
Cancún InternationalCUNAeroflot Russian Airlines
Indira Gandhi InternationalDELAeroflot Russian Airlines
Dnipropetrovsk InternationalDNKAeroflot Russian Airlines
Donetsk InternationalDOKAeroflot Russian Airlines
DresdenDRSAeroflot Russian Airlines
Zvartnots InternationalEVNAeroflot Russian Airlines
Frankfurt am Main InternationalFRAAeroflot Russian Airlines
Manas InternationalFRUAeroflot Russian Airlines
Nizhny Novgorod InternationalGOJAeroflot Russian Airlines
Geneva Cointrin InternationalGVAAeroflot Russian Airlines
Heydar Aliyev InternationalGYDAeroflot Russian Airlines
HannoverHAJAeroflot Russian Airlines
Noi Bai InternationalHANAeroflot Russian Airlines
Hong Kong International Kai TakHKGAeroflot Russian Airlines
Phuket InternationalHKTAeroflot Russian Airlines
Kharkiv InternationalHRKAeroflot Russian Airlines
Chita-KadalaHTAAeroflot Russian Airlines
Atatürk InternationalISTAeroflot Russian Airlines
John Paul II International Kraków-BaliceKRKAeroflot Russian Airlines
Krasnodar InternationalKRRAeroflot Russian Airlines
Kurumoch InternationalKUFAeroflot Russian Airlines
Kazan InternationalKZNAeroflot Russian Airlines
Madrid Barajas InternationalMADAeroflot Russian Airlines, Air Europa
Miami InternationalMIAAeroflot Russian Airlines
Malé InternationalMLEAeroflot Russian Airlines
Magnitogorsk InternationalMQFAeroflot Russian Airlines
Mineralnyye VodyMRVAeroflot Russian Airlines
Minsk InternationalMSQAeroflot Russian Airlines
BegishevoNBCAeroflot Russian Airlines
Nice-Côte d'AzurNCEAeroflot Russian Airlines
NizhnevartovskNJCAeroflot Russian Airlines
SpichenkovoNOZAeroflot Russian Airlines
Narita InternationalNRTAeroflot Russian Airlines
Odessa InternationalODSAeroflot Russian Airlines
TolmachevoOVBAeroflot Russian Airlines
Bolshoye SavinoPEEAeroflot Russian Airlines
Punta Cana InternationalPUJAeroflot Russian Airlines, Transaero Airlines
Orenburg CentralRENAeroflot Russian Airlines
Rostov-na-DonuROVAeroflot Russian Airlines
SurgutSGCAeroflot Russian Airlines
Tan Son Nhat InternationalSGNAeroflot Russian Airlines, Transaero Airlines
Simferopol InternationalSIPAeroflot Russian Airlines
StuttgartSTRAeroflot Russian Airlines
Stavropol ShpakovskoyeSTWAeroflot Russian Airlines
KoltsovoSVXAeroflot Russian Airlines
Tashkent InternationalTASAeroflot Russian Airlines
Tenerife SouthTFSAeroflot Russian Airlines
Roshchino InternationalTJMAeroflot Russian Airlines
Ben Gurion InternationalTLVAeroflot Russian Airlines
BogashevoTOFAeroflot Russian Airlines
Ufa InternationalUFAAeroflot Russian Airlines
Ulan-Ude (Mukhino)UUDAeroflot Russian Airlines
Vilnius InternationalVNOAeroflot Russian Airlines
Volgograd InternationalVOGAeroflot Russian Airlines
YakutskYKSAeroflot Russian Airlines
Lester B. Pearson InternationalYYZAeroflot Russian Airlines
ZagrebZAGAeroflot Russian Airlines
ZürichZRHAeroflot Russian Airlines
DabolimGOITransaero Airlines

Sheremetyevo International Airport Destinations Map

Sheremetyevo International Airport Reviews (7)

Average User Rating

Shremetyevo and Aeroflot Combo From Hell

Mario Christoforou, November 5, 2011 at 3:11 pm

Just came back from a hell of a trip and wanted to share my experience with others about this airport and aeroflot service. Larnaca – Sheremetyvo – Warsaw was my scheduled flight path. I land at Sheremetyevo at 19:00 local time to be told that there had been an accident at the Warsaw airport and flights have been cancelled. Fair enough things happen. We all head to the Aeroflot transit desk. Fast forward, after few hours of waiting I get told that my flight to Warsaw has been rescheduled to the day after and I was offered a hotel room and voucher at Novotel Moscow for the night. (No information on status of luggage bags) That seemed like a very logical course of action from an airline so I accepted. After few hours the transit bus took our group to the Hotel, where were we were all treated like a sheep herd and told that we were to share the room with others. That is where my story really begins. I tried explaining to a lady at the reception that I was carrying sensitive information on me, and I didn’t not want to share my one bedroom room, with 2 other guys, and I would gladly pay for a room myself. She told me in a very rude way that that was not possible and told me to go back to the airport if I had a problem. My Russian speaking colleague tried calling the hotel, and was told again in a very rude way to piss off, and that it was the policy of the Aeroflot. By now the Security guards started to eye me in a rude/suspicious way and told me to "behave" and be seated. While my transport arrives back to the airport. I could not go to the toilet without the security guard trying to seat me back. Every time I asked on the status of my transportation, I received provocative mockery and was ordered to shut up. My transport came after 4 hours, and by then I was feeling like a hostage. Sleepless and angry I was happy to return to the international territory at the airport. At 2am the airport was dirty and completely abandoned (Terminal F). I tried asking airport personnel if anything was open, they just rudely gestured to go away. Information desk could not offer any information in English. Eventually I stumbled into an open Friday’s. Tired I waited for another 9 hours on the benches for my flight (you cannot check in any hotel at the airport unless you have a visa, you cannot make a temporary visa at the airport). The re-scheduled transit flight was again delayed, and when we were finally boarded and the engines were revved we were told that the destination would be Katowice instead of Warsaw! After further 2 hours of wait at Katowice, we were put on a but that took 6 more hours to get us to our final destination at Warsaw. Sheremetyevo: Rude service, bad desk information, confusing sign layout, Horrible phone service. I will avoid any transits from Moscow/Sheremetyevo or flights arranged by Aeroflot.

Lost Two Days In Transit For 10 Days Holiday

Svetlana Gretton, January 18, 2011 at 8:48 pm

I HAD TICKETS WITH AEROFLOT. I arrived from London (24 h late) on the 29 of December at 3:30 in the morning. After literally fighting for 5 hours with fellow passengers and people who tried to access ticket booths without standing in the queue we managed to exchange our tickets to a relevant flight to Novosibirsk. Our bags have been taken and the display showed the correct time of the flight….until it was delayed for 2h….then for 4h….then for 6h….then x hours. NO EXPLANATION WAS GIVEN and there were nobody to ask unless you feel fit for some more standing in the queue. People were spoken to like they were nuisance, but not customers paying a considerable sums of money (I paid for the "pleasure" to fly with Aeroflot over £700). There were women at the boarding gates with babies who have been there for 3-4 days WITHOUT adequate support (food, drink, OR SLEEPING!). That is disgusting to treat customers in such way. ON THE DAY we were there AEROFLOT DIDN’T HAVE MANY PLANES TO SPRAY ON THE INTERNAL FLIGHTS, we were watching them through the window. On the international flights, yes. Other companies have been taken their passengers in and out pretty sharpish to clear the backlog. AEROFLOT? NO! DON’T USE AEROFLOT UNLESS YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!

Sheremetyevo Airport

Yannis Papaioannou, August 21, 2009 at 11:11 am

Sheremetyevo Airport

Dave Baxter, May 14, 2008 at 6:49 pm

You know, once you’ve been through it a few times it becomes somewhat ‘Endearing’? Certainly isn’t so for the First Timer!! :) After a while you get to know the ‘In’s and Out’s’. Still, it isn’t what you’d expect from an international airport. Things should improve once the New Terminal is opened…. if they ever finish it!

The Airport That Time Forgot

Daniel Rutter, November 28, 2007 at 1:40 pm

Was that first review written by the airport’s director?!! This airport is the worst I have ever visited. The decor is stuck in the 1970′s, the staff are unhelpful and unfriendly, the goods are all over-priced and the eating facilities are appalling. We didn’t even have seats to sit on whilst we waited for out connecting flight and had to sit on some dirty steps like everyone else. The airport still has smoking areas which are very conveniently located next to the queues for the gates so all the passengers can bathe in the smoke. These queuing areas are also located next to the shops so people keep coming to barge through to look at the perfumes and goods. Our plane was also heavily delayed due to the lack of runway space which meant the planes were backing up. Avoid this place like the plague.

Sheremetyevo Airport.

Kevin Mitchell, January 9, 2007 at 7:08 am

The main port of entry into Moscow, and to Russia. Sheremetyevo houses the International and Domestic terminal, however the two are on opposite sides of the airport (access is not across the grounds). There is a loop bus, or use the taxis. The bus is normally free, and taxis do cost a bit for the short distance. The people are friendly, and I found Immigration and Customs easy and nice to deal with. They can be hard, but it’s the same with other departments for all countries I visited. I am sure you will enjoy your visit and dealings with Sheremetyevo personal.

Worst Airport I've Been To

Jakob Persson, July 29, 2006 at 3:35 pm

In my opinion SVO is without doubt the worst airport I’ve ever had the misfortune to visit. The only reason I came is because I was flying Aeroflot to Beirut. The airport is old, poorly maintained; the floor tiles are coming off and feels seedy and dirty. Even worse, there’s a lack of chairs and seating for travellers. It seems the airport has removed most of the chairs and moved them into the countless cafes and restaurants in order to force people to buy something in order to get a seat. The airport is filled with tax free shops, no let me correct that, the airport is a duty free shop! It’s ironic how Soviet communism has been so blatantly replaced by Western commercialism. So far my impression of Russia hasn’t changed; SVO sadly confirms my view of the living standard and infrastructure of the country.

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